GPS timing devices, GPS clock synchronizer

Has 20 years specializing in the production of GPS timing equipment, GPS clock synchronizer, beidou synchronous clock server experience, superior product performance! Unique design! We do clock products and services beyond your imagination, Shanghai sharp electric co., LTD is willing to and you together to create miracle!Product works: GPS signal receiving module receives the GPS satellites send more frequency of 1575.42 Mhz UTC signal, by processing the output NMEA0183 information format or other criteria.

Microcontroller unit (MCU) of the above information for subsequent processing, and conversion into Beijing time after the information such as liquid crystal display (LCD), and according to certain format and the way the output interface circuit. Once the short time GPS synchronization, the system will automatically punctual accurate clocks.GPS timing devices, GPS clock synchronizer, beidou synchronous clock server function and main indicators1, through the serial interface (RS232, RS485) per second output information: Gregorian calendar year, month, day, Beijing time, minutes and seconds; Satellite synchronization;2, the pulse signal output, programmable 1 PPS / 1 PPM, 1 PPH;3, IRIG B output signal, TTL, 422/485, AC is optional;4, provide 10/100 m adaptive Ethernet interface, support/SNTP protocol (NTP);5, liquid crystal displays a calendar year, month, day and week, Beijing time, minutes and seconds, when the satellite synchronization.6, the main performance indexLocal boot for the first time: 5 min or lessCold start: 45 s or lessStart temperature: 15 s or lessTo capture: 2 s or lessSynchronization accuracy: uS 0.1 or lessContinuous trouble-free time: > 80000 Hours7, environmental indicatorsAmbient temperature: – 10 ℃ ~ 70 ℃Relative humidity: 10% ~ 95%Working power supply: AC 85 ~ 265 v or DC 48 ~ 220 vThe average power consumption: < 15 W8, mechanical sizeCase size: standard 19 inch 1 u case, 440 mm (W) (H) x 258 mm x 44.4 mm (D).Antenna length: 30 m, optional 50 m and 80 m, 100 m, 200 m.9, the power supplyAc power supply: 220 v + 20% or 110 v + 20%, 47 hz ~ 63 hz;Dc power supply: 220 v + 20% or 110 v + 20%;Device power adaptive.10, the timing precision: pulse, B code: 0.1 mu S, serial port: 10 mu S/SNTP (NTP) : 1-10 ms, inhibits PTP: 70 ns.GPS timing devices, GPS clock synchronizer, beidou synchronous clock server certification testing: China electric power research institute inspection certificate (remote terminal JianZi [party] no. 093 2008), China institute of metrology testing certificate (certificate number: XDsp2008-0295), east China electric power test research institute test report (report no. : G – 34-04), ISO9001:2008 quality system certification (certificate number: PRC004565).

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